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Achieving and maintaining OSHA compliance within the funeral home can be a difficult challenge.  Ecolomed's mission is to provide you with comprehensive OSHA compliance services and tools designed to give you confidence that you are in compliance and protecting the health and safety of your employees.


Funeral Home OSHA Compliance Training


Ecolomed is an OSHA compliance consulting firm dedicated exclusively to the funeral  home industry.  We offer comprehensive OSHA compliance services to include employee training, auditing tools, required written programs, consultation, and more.  We have been providing OSHA compliance services to funeral homes across the U.S. since 1991 and are by far the most technically skilled and experienced OSHA compliance consultants in the business.  Let us help you with your OSHA compliance needs.

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Question of the Month

Am I required to conduct 15 minute formaldehyde exposure monitoring on an embalmer even though I have already conducted 8-hour formaldehyde exposure monitoring on an employee? 

Yes, OSHA's Formaldehyde Standard, 1910.1048, requires not only 8-hour exposure monitoring but also 15-minute exposure monitoring.  OSHA wants you to capture a worst-case scenario within the embalming process when conducting 15-minute sampling.  Typically this is either mixing chemicals or doing cavity work.

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